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Monday, April 12, 2010

"Let the Light In" from Amy Cook

We had not really heard of Amy until about two years ago when we spent the day helping Tift at KGSR. Tift introduced us to her but we thought she was just a friend - had no idea that she was a singer as well. When she seemed to be responsible for tuning Tift's guitar maybe that should have been a clue. She opened the show that night at the Parish and she played some good songs in that 30 minute set. I picked up "The Sky Observer's Guide" a few months later and a week ago got her brand new disc "Let the Light In". We caught her at SXSanJose as detailed earlier in this blog but now that I have the disc it's given me a much better chance to listen to the new songs.

This new effort is produced by Alejandro Escovedo and I can hear his influences. Two members of his current band are playing with Amy as well - David Pulkingham on guitar and Bobby Daniel on bass and it's always good to hear the Tosca String Quartet on any record. After a week of steady airplay on the Ipod here's my favorites and not so favorites:


Get It Right - great opening track with a classic line - "We get it wrong sometimes and then we get it right" - isn't that the basis of almost everything we do in relationships? best song on the record in my opinion

Moonrise - first time I hear the Alejandro influence - more of a rocker

Hotel Lights - good song and getting lots of airplay on KGSR

Let's Go Down to the River - really good song that I like a lot with Patty Griffin on backing vocals

I wanna be your Marianne - another rocker and a fun song - need to see this one played live

Let the Light In - title track is a good closer

Not so favorites:

Mescaline - just kind of bores me

I like to go to Parties - seems out of place and lost on this CD

The other four songs are ok and maybe they will grow on me. I have heard Amy's voice compared to Sheryl Crow but I personally don't really hear it. I like this CD, think it's a great second disc and could lead to bigger and better things. But we all know that is hard to predict in the crazy music business. Check her out and learn more about her in this very in depth Austin Chronicle cover story:

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